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DCU’s vision statement is that “All Members Achieve Their Financial Goals”, which means that we want to be the catalyst and the cheerleader of our members’ long-term financial success. We need to continue to explore new lending solutions that will help members achieve their financial borrowing goals.
Lending – Loans put the ‘”credit” in Credit Union. Members do not want loans, they obtain loans so they can buy stuff like cars, vacations, and houses. Lending has evolved from a handful of basic products obtained from in-person interviews and signing paper to a full suite of products available via multiple application channels and e-signatures. With the wide range of members we serve now, and into the future, do we have the right loan products and processes in place to address each member’s borrowing needs?

Idea Submission Questions – Address these questions with your submission
  • Is DCU easy to borrow from, why or why not?
  • Can our members borrow from the credit union the way they want to?
  • What innovative loans or borrowing processes need to be added to our products/services, describe?

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