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Deepening Member Relationships

DCU’s vision statement is that “All Members Achieve Their Financial Goals”, which means that we want to be the catalyst and the cheerleader of our members’ long-term financial success. We need to continue to explore new ways to expand our relationship with members and increase DCU’s share of wallet.
Deepening Member Relationships – The majority of our members utilize multiple financial institutions to achieve their financial goals. Members with multiple active DCU products and services are more likely to be “sticky” meaning they are less likely to change financial intuitions. Their loyalty helps improve our Net Promoter score as they are more likely to refer DCU to a friend or family member. With so many financial service choices in the marketplace and more consumers moving to single service providers for specific financial needs how will DCU grow our share of wallet with the membership? With the wide range of members we serve now, and into the future, do we have the tools in place to effectively deepen our relationship with members?

Idea Submission Questions – Address these questions with your submission
  • Is DCU easy to have multiple financial relationships with, why or why not?
  • Can our members deepen their relationship with the credit union the way they want to?
  • What innovative approaches do we need to deepen member relationships, describe?

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